I am a spiritual being

DSC_6874 copy‘When I started counting my blessings, my whole life turned around’

Willie Nelson

Our daily lives pass in an incessant come and go, in a fast rhythm that keeps us busy with tasks and duties to be done. There are some moments when we feel overwhelmed and pressed due to many commitments, most of which are imposed by the society, as for example, having the ideal job, the ideal house or fair incomes, finally, the ideal status.

When we do not achieve the standard of the ‘ideal’ we use to focus on the wrong things we did or in what we have not achieved. We forget about all the good things, what we count on and the things we have got which can be considered, at first, little things; however, when we sum them, they become a bigger dimension that take us to happiness.

In order to keep our life in perspective and to get inner peace, assuming our spirituality is very helpful.

Being in contact with our Supreme Being, not matter the name or religion, praying, meditating, being thankful and also supporting others, are ways to enrich our spiritual lives.

When we pray, we are not only asking for or accepting help but we are getting closer to God and when we do it, our situation and circumstances change, becoming lighter and more affordable. Praying benefits us in our thoughts, wishes, actions and attitudes.

In meditation we find moments to be alone and in silent with ourselves. We reflect about our actions and the results we have found at the end of each journey. Meditation allows us to be in present, living in a conscious manner as well as keep calmed our mind and thoughts that, sometimes, can be overwhelming.

We enrich our spirituality when we thank for the blessings we have in our lives. Thanking for what we have take us closer to what we want. While we are thankful, there will be more reasons to keep on thanking since this action takes us to see the positive side of the things, to be more positive as well as being happier.

Serving, supporting or helping others mean spirituality. Serving makes us newer and revitalizing. When we serve, we share and grow up. The love, respect and good will we have when we cooperate, encourage the harmony of our environment. Serving others is giving without expecting to receive something back; it gives us satisfaction and happiness.

Pray, meditate, thank and support others. It does not cost anything and gives you extraordinary benefits.

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